Project Summary

The property had very old timber single pane windows, the wood work had been varnished and looked very odd compared to the rest of the houses on the street.

The main issue wasn’t just the look of the windows, it was the fact that they did not retain any heat and the properties heating bill was quite high because of this.

The Solution

Vintage sash’s design team had to tackle this job carefully as in normal Victorian properties there is either stone or brick pillars on the bay window edges to hold up the structure. This property did not have them so the windows had to be fitted in 2 stages.

The wood sash windows had to be made with an exact fit to make sure they came together perfectly inside the bay window. The top windows were fitted first and then the bottom ones were fitted after that. The end result is a beautiful home transformed back to its original build.

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Client Feedback & Testimonial

" I love the look of my house now that Vintage Sash have worked their magic on it. I can’t get enough of opening the sash windows on sunny days. There has been a drop in my energy bills since the timber windows were fitted. I also couldn’t be more positive about how politely and professionally Vintage Sash answered all of my questions before the project began"

Mr Lewis

East ham, London

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