Types Of Plantation Shutters

Made To Measure Plantation Shutters London

Our plantation shutters can add an elegant touch to your London home while letting light trickle through. We can design, manufacture and install these shutters to your bespoke specifications.

The large slats of these shutters mean that, with even just a little adjustment, they can let large amounts of light pour into the room, imbuing it with a soothingly airy and spacious feel. 

Interior Wooden Shutters London

If you reckon your London home needs a more versatile alternative to curtains, just contact our shutter installers to learn more about the benefits of our multifunctional plantation shutters.

We can produce interior wooden shutters for various residential rooms – from everyday spaces like living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to more specialist areas such as home offices. 

Benefits Of Plantation Shutters


In adding to your home’s insulation, these shutters can help lower your energy costs.


Compared to curtains, plantation shutters are very easy to wipe clean.


When you want a quiet moment, shutters allow you to block out the world easily.


You can adjust plantation shutters to bathe yourself in light or achieve an ambience.


These shutters are child- and pet-friendly, as they can’t be climbed and have no cords.


We make shutters from various types of wood and offer plastic shutters, too.

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Plantation Shutters FAQ’s

We can ensure this by visiting your home for free and, while there, carefully measuring the windows where the shutters will be put up. We will measure these windows right down to the millimetre.

By designing and manufacturing all of our plantation shutters individually, we make sure each shutter will immaculately fit the specific window for which it is intended. We can create these shutters for virtually any size of window, and easily accommodate a wide range of window shapes.

In the UK, white is traditionally the standard colour chosen for plantation shutters, as it is good at reflecting light and therefore helping to illuminate the room. Unsurprisingly, we offer plantation shutters in white, but we can also provide various other finishes – like these stains...

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Mahogany

The complete range of colour options we offer includes both standard and custom colours, making it easy for you to find hues that match or complement, say, timber sash windows in your home.

While we would often advocate the shutters of all of these options, we acknowledge that it’s not always easy to decide between them. However, we do believe that plantation shutters have advantages over blinds in several key respects, including:

  • Versatile control over light and privacy
  • Preventing heat loss
  • Long-term durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Deterring intruders

All the same, you should keep in mind that there are many different plantation shutter types, and which of them you ought to choose can depend on where the shutter will be fitted and what practical benefits you hope to gain from using the shutter.

It could immensely reassure you that we can make any type of plantation shutter for your home in London or the adjacent county of Essex, making it easier for you to source just the shutter solution your residential property requires. Here are selected examples of the shutter types we offer:

  • Full height – single, full height panels covering the entire window
  • Tier-on-tier – two sets of shutters stacked vertically but operating independently
  • Cafe-style – shutters running only partially up the window’s height
  • Solid – traditional wooden panels effective at providing insulation and privacy

Our plantation shutters are hugely versatile – and regardless of which type you opt for, you could find that it looks good on various kinds of window. Nonetheless, some shutters do tend to suit certain windows better than others.

Full height shutters – so-called as they run right from the windowsill up to the top of the window recess in a single length – suit many different window designs. However, as cafe-style shutters only conceal the bottom half of the window, these shutters go especially well with timber or uPVC sash windows, which we can even install for you before the shutter goes on top of them.

We manufacture all of the products we provide, including plantation shutters – we never outsource any of the manufacturing work to anyone outside the company. This is one major reason why we are able to easily impose our stringent quality standards on the manufacturing process.

Meanwhile, the FENSA certificate we provide with each installation we complete will confirm its compliance with Building Regulations. Please hit the following link for further details of how we protect the high quality of our end-to-end services.