Our Sash Window Repairs Service

Sash Windows Repairs London

If you are experiencing issues with your London home’s sash windows, we invite you to contact our sash window repair experts, who know how to undertake a wide range of repairs.

Some of the most common instances of sash window damage we are able to rectify include broken or rotten timbers, broken locks and sashes and poorly-fitting windows or glass panes.

Sash Windows Replacement London

In some cases, we might establish that a customer’s sash window is damaged beyond repair. When this happens, we can offer to replace the sash window in its entirety.

If the client takes up this offer, we can install a new sash window in woodor uPVC – with bespoke designs available regardless of which material is chosen for the window.

Sash Windows Refurbishment London

Sash windows originally installed on a London home many years ago might not utilise high-quality modern materials to which sash window refurbishment specialists now have access.

In refurbishing your old sash windows with up-to-date materials, we can enhance your home’s insulation and help you to optimise your London residence’s energy efficiency.

The 6 Steps To Sash Window Repair


Remove old windows from the window frame


Take decayed timber from the window units, frame or sill


Where timber is beyond repair, replace it with new timber


Fill and sculpt all cavities the window requires


Put in new service pulleys and cords to rebalance the sash


Upgrade the seal to prevent the window from rattling

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Types Of Repairs We Carry Out

  • Repairing broken window cords
  • Installing seals to prevent draughts
  • Overhauling windows
  • Replacing windowsill sections
  • Splicing in new timber
  • Replacing sashes
  • Fitting double glazing into existing sash windows
  • Replacing windows with double glazed sash windows
  • Installing full-frame replacement windows
  • Improving window security
  • Removing and replacing putty and glass
  • Repairing casement windows

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Sash Windows Repairs FAQ’s

This is where a sash window is removed and replaced along with its frame. Though removing the frame to expose the window’s raw framing boards might seem excessive in certain situations, there are many others, like those listed below, where it can prove useful: 

  • The existing window’s problems extend to the frame
  • That window’s frame is noticeably worn out
  • You suspect that literally underlying issues could have damaged the frame

For example, wood beneath the frame might have rotted or incurred damage, or a lack of good insulation could have hampered the existing windows’ thermal performance.

As a general rule, if your home is a period property, you should first consider using wood, as this would be more in-keeping with the building’s established character. However, our uPVC sash windows can be visually tailored with a wood effect to emulate the look of authentic wood.

Wood and uPVC windows can noticeably differ in:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safety and security
  • Weather resistance

However, as the exact nature of the differences can depend on the building to which these windows are installed, we urge you to book a free consultation with us by phoning 0203 795 5169.

We will take several steps towards firming up a decision. The main steps will involve:

  • Holding an initial consultation with you over the phone
  • Visiting your home to carry out a free site survey
  • Discussing exactly what you need in your sash window
  • Recommending a specific sash window repair or replacement
  • Providing you with a fixed-fee quotation

If you accept this quotation, we can proceed to arrange, with you, a specific date and time when we will undertake the agreed-upon sash window repair or replacement work.

While this is technically possible in many cases, local planning regulations might forbid it in other instances. Hence, you should clarify with your local planning authority (LPA) whether any such restrictions would make the idea a non-starter.

For example, you could find that swapping one kind of window design for another would be practically impossible, or potentially lower your home’s property value, if:

  • Your home is a listed building
  • The new window would stylistically clash with nearby homes’ windows

Yes, though we will inform you about potential complexities pertaining to the change. You should keep in mind that sash windows have thicker frames than casement windows, as each sash window needs a frame sufficiently wide and deep to conceal at least one counterweight.

Therefore, replacing a sash window with a casement one would leave a noticeable gap in the raw opening unless – as our casement windows installers would ensure on this job – the gap is filled in with cement mortar or plaster.   

We know that repairing or replacing any sash window is not easy, and requires the dextrous touch of someone who is thoroughly accustomed to the process. This is why we have been careful to train our sash window repair technicians in how to do the job to an accomplished standard.

We also provide a 10-year guarantee on any uPVC, timber, glazing, ironmongery and seals we integrate into a sash window as we repair or manufacture it. Our website further details how we safeguard our high standards of window repair work.