Types Of Sash Windows

Bespoke Timber Sash Windows London

Suitable for period properties and new builds alike, our bespoke timber sash windows can be made to your exacting specifications and replicate the architectural charm of a bygone age.

As we design timber sash windows for your London home, we can account for any traditional detailing and decorative features – like glazing, bars and mouldings – specified in the brief.

Heritage Wood Sash Windows

Naturally, if you are looking to replace any particular window on a period or historic property, strong attention to detail must be applied to ensure the new window respects the building’s character.

When creating wood sash windows, we can integrate a range of heritage-inspired visual flourishes – like putty bead mouldings and bars, decorative horn detail and slim frame sections.

Timber Sash Windows For Listed Buildings

A lot of care must be taken in replacing any window of a listed building. This is why we have trained our skilled tradespeople in how to design timber sash windows specifically for listed buildings.

We are highly experienced in installing timber sash windows on listed buildings and in conservation areas where approval would be required before the installation work can take place.

The Window Styles

Victorian Windows

Edwardian Windows

Georgian Windows

Popular Sash Window Wood / Timber Types

Pine Timber

The pine timber options available include Scots pine and Baltic pine.


There are various sub-species of Meranti tree, giving its wood variable colour and density.

Oak Wood

European and American oak are both often chosen for wood sash windows.

Walnut Wood

This hardwood is renowned for its wood grain, durability and fire resistance.

Sash Window Glazing Options

Single Glazing

This is the cheapest type of glazing we can install in a sash window.

Double Glazed

Our double glazing options include Slimlite glass, which is visually akin to single glazing.

Triple Glazed

By adding a third layer of glazing, you can even further improve your home’s insulation.

Stained Glass

We can produce stained glass in a stunning design that, once on your window, will draw admiration.

Sash Window Painting

Our wood sash windows really are completely bespoke – allowing you to decide everything from the windows’ configuration to the paint colour. However, before painting any of these sash windows we have newly manufactured, we will treat the window with timber preservation to protect it from wet or dry rot. We will then add primer to the window.

After that, the window will get three coats of acrylic paint – and which colour goes onto that window is up to the client. We can, however, help you with your decision – for example, by closely heeding colours from the property’s existing coatings, like varnishes and stains. If you wish, we can even paint the window two-tone – with one colour outside and a different one inside.

Once we have painted the window in your choice of hue, we will hang and dry that window in our dedicated drying room. As a result, by the time the window is fitted, its colour will look deeply ingrained into the wood itself – and stay that way for the long haul, making the appearance of your new wood sash windows easier to maintain.

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Timber Sash Windows FAQ’s

You might have often noticed the terms “sash windows” and “casement windows” being bandied about in reference to windows – and these terms do describe the two main types of house window available in the UK. These two types mainly differ in how they are opened and closed.

While sash windows comprise one or more panels – or “sashes” – usually shifted vertically, casement windows instead use side-mounted hinges enabling them to be swung open and closed like a door. We can install casement windows as well as sash windows.

Historically, sash windows were the traditional choice, and their popularity can be traced back to the seventeenth century. Hence, they are often the go-to option for older homes, at least aesthetically – though even casement windows are available in both traditional and modern designs.

Though casement windows have long benefitted from a tighter seal – and consequently better energy efficiency – than sash windows, this particular discrepancy has narrowed in recent years. Today, sash windows can give you a charming heritage design with modern technology built in.

This is a very difficult question to answer, as many different variables would be at play. For example, if you don’t choose from a standard size for your new timber sash window, making it would entail extra work in fabrication and fitting, thereby adding to the overall cost.

We don’t post a list of prices on our website, as it won’t be until after we have finished designing a timber sash window – and had that design approved by the client – that we will have a good idea of how much the window would cost us to manufacture, supply and install.

As we offer fixed-fee quotations, you can take heart that, if you do accept one of these quotes from us, the quoted price won’t change unless you have first agreed to a change to the previously finalised design. Our fixed-fee quotations therefore make it easier for our clients to budget.

However, we will only present you with a quote once we have:

  • Held a free consultation with you
  • Completed a free site survey at your home
  • Recommended a specific type of timber sash window for you
  • Received word from you that you want this specific solution

Though wood has been the traditional choice of material for sash windows, we are also capable of making and fitting uPVC sash windows – as you could be particularly heartened to know if you are concerned about wood’s reputation for picking up damage relatively easily.

Nonetheless, you should ask yourself whether your concerns about the resilience of wooden sash windows are well-founded. Timber is a tough material, meaning that it won’t easily diminish over time – provided you are diligent in looking after the wood, which is also elegant in appearance.

This will largely depend on the nature of the damage. While swollen or distorted woodwork, rotting frames, broken locks and damaged cords are common problems in such windows, our specialists in sash window repair can overcome all of these issues. 

Nonetheless, by replacing a timber sash window, you could tap into the following benefits:

  • A longer-lasting window, as modern glass is more durable and hardwearing
  • Upgraded glazing – for example, from single to double glazing
  • A lower bill, especially if you originally wanted to repair a heritage window