Types of uPVC Windows

Bespoke uPVC Sash Windows London

If you want your London residence to be equipped with sash windows that are long-lasting and easy to maintain, our dedicated teamcan fit uPVC sash windows in your choice of design.

It’s all part of our bespoke service that lets you benefit from the structural resilience of uPVC but have it provided to a tailored design that suits your period or modern property.

Traditional uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

While our traditional uPVC sliding sash windows look like traditional wood, they are easier to maintain and built like contemporary sash windows, right down to a flip function for facilitating regular cleaning.

We cover the uPVC with a foil depicting the wood grain effect of genuine timber. Meanwhile, each window comes with mechanical joints resembling those of an actual timber window.

Heritage uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

We know that your period home could be located in a conservation area where it would be vital for the property to be preserved in its traditional aesthetics.

This is why we offer to manufacture heritage uPVC sliding sash windows that, with design features like a deep bottom rail and run-through sash horns, emulate traditional timber box sash windows.

Sash Window Glazing Options

Single Glazing

This is the cheapest type of glazing we can install in a sash window.

Double Glazed

Our double glazing options include Slimlite glass, which is visually akin to single glazing.

Triple Glazed

By adding a third layer of glazing, you can even further improve your home’s insulation.

Stained Glass

We can produce stained glass in a stunning design that, once on your window, will draw admiration.

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uPVC Sash Windows FAQs

We can handle every part of getting new uPVC sash windows onto your property – including designing, manufacturing and fitting these windows. This end-to-end service is available in various geographic areas, including all 33 districts of Greater London. Here are examples of these districts:

  • City of London
  • Mayfair
  • Southwark
  • Islington
  • Chelsea
  • Balham

However, we also operate in Essex, which is situated just outside Greater London. If you are unsure whether where you live falls within our coverage area, please look at the complete online list of areas in which we work.

That difference is primarily in how the windows are operated. Basically, sash windows are slid open or closed, while casement windows are opened or closed on hinges.

Though sash windows typically open by sliding vertically, some slide horizontally instead. Meanwhile, casement windows usually open outwards, though some open inwards instead.

If you are struggling to choose between sash windows and casement windows for your particular property, feel free to discuss the subject with us. When you contact us and let us know your requirements, we can help you to decide on a window solution that would meet them.

It would be fair to say that each of these window options has its own merits and drawbacks. Generally, sash windows have these advantages over casement windows:

  • A simpler structure, making them easier to fix
  • A more modern design
  • Better protection against the elements

Nonetheless, casement windows have major plus points, too – including:

  • An endearingly traditional appearance
  • The ability to provide better views
  • Stronger security against break-ins

Fortunately, as we can install both sash windows and casement windows, we can quickly spring into action regardless of your choice.

If you have only recently heard of these terms, you could understandably be confused by them. However, “double hung” basically just means that both of the window’s glazed panels – the “sashes” – are movable, unlike the case with “single hung” sash windows, where just one sash is movable.

A double hung sash window would make it easier for you to ventilate your home, as you would be able to open up more of the window and thus let more fresh air flow into the room.

If your home is a heritage property, you could understandably be reticent about arranging for uPVC sash windows to be fitted on it, given the often very contemporary look of this type of window. However, rest assured that we can produce customised designs foruPVC sash windows so that, once installed, they will aesthetically suit the overall building.

While sash windows are more modern in structure than casement windows, they can still be designed in the architectural styles of the Georgian and Victorian periods, when wooden sash windows were commonly built into properties.

All the same, we also offer actual wooden sash windows for an even more authentic touch.

We have strong faith in the resilience of uPVC, as borne out by the test of time in various other situations where uPVC windows have been installed.

Here are some reasons why, once we have fitted uPVC sash windows at your home, you shouldn’t find yourself having to shell out for repair work or replacements for those windowssoon: 

  • We offer a 10-year guarantee on all uPVC we install
  • A 10-year guarantee is also available on any glazing or seals provided
  • For All of our uPVC sash window installations we can offer a FENSA certificate

The FENSA certificate verifies that the installation complies with Building Regulations and is registered with the local council.